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Learning Rooms

Age-Based Learning Environments



This is the room where many children start their time with us, it is flexible in age and can be from 0-18months. We can accommodate up to 8 Joey children, and our dedicated Educators work tirelessly to develop reciprocal bonds with all our Joey children and their families. This will ensure each child can learn and develop in a nurturing happy environment. This can be the first time parents and children are separated for longer periods, we understand and support this by providing a flexible approach to transitioning your child into our warm caring service. Children’s development will cross over between the Joey and Possum rooms, children will begin to explore a wide variety of different concepts that our educators teach through sensory play. Children begin to develop independence through self-help and social skills. They recognise and begin to interact with other children. The younger children will learn from the older children. Joey and Possum rooms share an outdoor play area.

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This room is flexible in age and developmentally crosses over from our Joey room. Children in this room can be from 12-24 months. We can accommodate up to 8 Possums in this room. As with Joey children, Possums continue to further explore a wide variety of different concepts that our educators teach through sensory play. Children further develop their language, self-help and social skills. As with Joeys, Possums are taught to learn the art of taking turns, empathy and start to develop friendships. Possum children sleep on a stretcher bed, and this option may be offered to some of our older Joey children. Possum children enjoy a predictable but flexible routine.

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This is our 2-3 year old room. This is a time when children playing cooperatively becomes more noticeable, and they are beginning to develop friendships. Generally children in this age group children strive for independence and can perform many daily tasks, albeit with ongoing support from their educators. It is during this time that many children accomplish the skill of toilet training. We can accommodate up to 15 children in our Wombat room. Wombat children are very inquisitive, therefore our educators spend a lot of time supporting children through hands on investigation and positive role modelling. Children participate in a variety of experiences which are of interest not only to the whole group, but also each individual child. Children are offered choices throughout the day and are provided with opportunities to have some control over themselves and the environment. The Wombat children have their own outdoor play area.

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Koalas - Pre-School

This is our 3-4 year room where children are formally transitioning into a preschool setting. We can accommodate up to 10 children in this room. The children in Koalas are educated by a preschool educator who has specialised qualifications within this age group. She is supported by a very competent assistant who also assists in supporting our Kangaroo room. Our teaching approach remains very flexible while our early childhood educators continue to develop children’s language, confidence, self-help skills and conceptual understanding. At this time children’s socio- dramatic play begins to develop and they become very creative with their imagination. The older children assist in helping build upon the skills of the younger children as educators facilitate strong friendships between the children. Koalas and Kangaroos share an outdoor play area.

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Kangaroos - Kindergarten 

This is our 4-5 year old room. In this room we have children who may be attending government formal schooling part-time, many of the children in this room are already independently in a preschool setting. This room accommodates between 10 and 14 children. In Kangaroos we have a registered qualified Early Childhood Teacher who continues to provide a preschool program which facilitates both group and individual learning. The environment is play based learning with intentional teaching in all areas of development inclusive of numeracy and literacy. This is taught via means of interest and in accordance with each child’s individual way of learning. Our teacher and educators facilitate friendships encouraging children to support and help each other. All rooms here at Blue Gum teach learning outcomes in line with the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Frame work. 

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