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Caring for Children

Not for Profit

Learning Rooms


This is our 0-18months room where most children start their time with us. 


This is our 1-2 year old room where children transition out of babies into toddlers.


This is our 2-3 year old room where children are starting to become very active learners. 


This is our 3-4 year old room where children are formally transitioning into a preschool setting. 




This is our 4-5 year old room for children already attending schooling part-time.


About Us

Blue Gum Early Learning & Child Care Centre is a community based service located in Brentwood, Perth Western Australia. We provide a secure, nurturing environment within a warm, friendly and inviting atmosphere.

We cater for five age groups with five learning rooms, and three separate outdoor areas, catering for the needs of each specific age group.

As a community based centre, our main aim is caring for children and not for profit. This allows us to focus on providing a very high level of care, learning opportunities and facilities at our service. 

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