Whilst Blue Gum actively encourages each child, educator and family member using the service to be immunised, we recognise that immunisation is not compulsory.

  • If a child’s immunisation record is not provided upon enrolment and if it is not updated by the parents, or if the child has not been immunised against certain diseases, then the child will be recorded as being not fully immunised by Blue Gum
  • If there is a case of a vaccine preventable disease at the service, your child may be excluded from school or childcare for a period of time or until the evidence of immunisation in an approved record is provided.
  • If you cannot provide an immunisation record for your child you may provide a statutory declaration stating either that your child has been immunised or that you don’t know if your child has been immunised for each disease on the schedule.
  • To be fully immunised your child needs to have received all vaccines recommended for their age as part of the National Immunisation Program (NIP).
  • Homeopathic immunisation is not recognised.
  • If a child is not fully immunised and has been in contact with someone with a vaccine preventable disease outside of the service, they may need to be excluded from the service for a period of time.

It is the responsibility of families to inform Blue Gum that their child has come into contact with someone with a vaccine preventable or infectious disease.


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